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Light and Shadow

About Us


- Ethical & Sustainable Modern Treasures - 


 After a couple of years designing for high street brands I decided to embark on my own journey. I was alarmed by questionable ethics and lack of accountability surrounding the fast fashion industry and wanted to be part of the change rather than the problem.   


April March was born out that journey   


In 2016 I decided to go back to my roots as a fine jeweller and focus on creating made to order  and hand crafted pieces using responsibly sourced materials and gemstones. Each piece of April March jewellery is consciously handcrafted  from our Sussex workshop with our core values reflecting sustainable practices and transparency. 



  We are a slow living brand.

We like it that way.



Sustainability the core of everything we do. We make seasonless treasures which are made with love to last. 



We are environmentally conscious, honest in our approach and pledge only to work with suppliers who offer transparency within their supply chain so we can trace the  materials back to their roots.



Each piece of April March jewellery is handcrafted in our  U.K workshop. We use the finest responsibly sourced materials where possible supplied by small scale accredited British suppliers. 


We are by no means perfect but we are working on it. Our aim is  minimise the impact our small brand has the planet; the people and animals who live on it. 


 I hope you enjoy our treasures as much as I enjoy making them.  


Sarah XX


Portrait and workshop photography by Beth Steddon

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