April March is a small British Brand inspired by ancient artefacts, ritual and nature.  

Sustainability the core of everything we do. We are environmentally conscious and honest in our approach. All of our pieces are handcrafted in our workshop using the finest responsibly sourced materials where possible supplied by small scale accredited British suppliers.
We pledge to only work with ethically conscious suppliers who offer transparency within their supply chain so that we can trace the raw materials back to their roots.  

We are by no means perfect but we are working on it and want to minimise the impact our small brand has the planet; the people and animal who live on it.




We actively support the mining of Fairmined Gold and primary use recycled  precious metals when possible. Our gemstones and diamonds are sourced from conflict free/ ethical suppliers. We believe in a transparent supply chain that supports the transformation of the livelihoods of artisan and small-scale gold and silver miners. 




We are honest and open about our supply chain by providing a list of ingredients and label each product accordingly. We use the finest ethically sourced materials where possible to lessen the impact on the planet.




We strive to improve how we work to minimise the effects on the people and the environment; and choose only to work with progressive suppliers who believe in the the same ethical standards and values as we do.




Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted by ourselves in our Hove workshop using the best quality materials. We deliver the complete design and production process ensuring our strict quality standards are maintained at all times. Each piece is made with love to last. 


We aim to make our jewellery as affordable as possible. We realise our prices may not be as competitive as those made on mass in factories but we do however assure you that we have control over our supply chain. We do not offer hefty discounts simply because we we cannot afford to do so but in return we make treasures that are handcrafted to order and made to last. Buy less, choose well, make it last.


All of our packaging is recyclable, plastic free and made within the U.K. The cardboard we use for our jewellery boxes are cards all are made from recycled waste paper.


For more information  please email me via hello@aprilmarchjewellery.com

Sarah x

April March Jewellery